1. The purpose of this citizens initiative is to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms and the chemical compounds contained in them including Psilocybin, Psilocin, Baeocystin, and or nor-baeocystin, for cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption for either medical, therapeutic or religious purposes for anyone over the age of 21, or younger with parental or guardian consent either by amending or removing California Health and Safety Codes HSC § 11 390 & 11391.

 2. Establish a Research Review Panel of ten representatives with five appointed by the California State Government and five appointed from the community to give guidance on the formulation of dosage and testing protocol research studies for the drafting of future regulations.

2.1.   Representative from the California Department of Justice
2.2.   Representative from the California Highway Patrol
2.3.   Representative from the California Department of Public Health, Food & Drug Branch
2.4.   Representative from the California Department of Food & Agriculture
2.5.   Representative from the California Department of Parks & Recreation
2.6.   Representative from the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
2.7.   Representative from the UC or Cal State Mycology Departments with an Extensive Background in Research Publications
2.8.   Representative from the Neuroscience & Psychiatric Community with Addiction Rehabilitation and PTSD Treatment experience
2.9.   Representative from the Mycological Associations in California
2.10. Representative from the Community of Activists & Regulation Experts

 3. Designate research to be conducted by Professionals, Doctors, and Researchers at UC, CSU schools, and other California research institutions.

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