The Psychedelic Community

Allies - Brick & Mortar Signing Spot Locations

Do you have a brick-and-mortar location and would like to be listed on our map as a signing spot for CPI2024? 

Just let us know at and we will hook you up with a poster, a few clipboards, 50 signature sheets, and a signature collection guide. 

After you receive the materials in the mail take a cool picture of where you are stationing the clipboards in your spot and we will add you to the map.

Sponsors - For-Profit Companies

In Kind Donations - Services

Thanks to an extraordinary offer National Connect, a professional signatures collection company, has selected us as this season’s Pro-Bono project and is giving us an in-kind donation in the form of using our petition sheets as a loss leader sheet on top of their other petitions to help us collect our signatures for FREE. All we have to do is provide them with printed sheets, and some marketing materials such as stickers, buttons, and T-shirts and they are good to go.

In Kind Donations - Goods

Partners - Non-Profit Organizations