Decriminalize California

Days Until Our January 10th, 2024 Signature Deadline!


Valid Signatures Needed


Volunteers in 58 Counties


California Registered Voters

Signatures Received: 125,580+

Percent to Goal 69%

The California Psilocybin Initiative 2024

CPI 2024 is the ONLY citizen's initiative that would allow for the cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution, transportation, possession and consumption of an unlimited amount of magic mushrooms, and psilocybin-infused products, for anyone in California over the age of 21.

This will not be taxed for medical, therapeutic, religious or spiritual use.

The only tax that would be applied is if it was listed for recreational use and it would only be the local sales tax rate at the point of sale.

No special dual local permit and state license requirements or other barriers for entry.

Volunteer and help us FREE this extraordinary natural medicine from government prohibition today!

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You can also print, sign, and mail us the initiative from the comfort of your own home!

Step 1 - Download & Print the Initiative

Printing Tips: Print both versions double sided to be valid. Print 8.5 x 11 in Letter and 11 x 17 in Ledger. Do not crop, shrink, or change the sizes at all. Print at 100% scale.

Step 2 - Sign the Initiative

Step 3 - Mail Signed Ballot Petition Sheets in Immediately

Decriminalize California 8006 Bellingham Ave North Hollywood, CA 91605

Campaign Timeline

Phase 1 - Initiative Drafting

This is where it always starts. You take the best ideas for what you want to see enacted and turned into law and then create a google drive document and open it up to the community for a proper debate and critique. After a dozen meetings and a few hundred edits you'll hopefully have a solid document. Granted we've already gone through this before and there are only going to be a few changes made this time. Adding back in amnesty and expungement as well as new definition for psilocybin containing products.


Phase 2 - Submitting for Title & Summary

Once our language is ready to go we will submit it o the State of California. The State will generate a fiscal impact review to determine the theoretical cost to the state and then the State will draft the Title and Summary. The process takes about 55 days and as soon as we get it back it triggers signature collection.

May 2023

Phase 3 - Signature Collection Begins

We will have exactly 180 days to collect roughly 820,000 signatures in order to get this on the ballot. The total number of signatures required is based on roughly 5% of the total number of voters in the last gubernatorial election. Last time the target number was 623,212 but thankfully this time we only need to get 546,651. The reason why we go for 820,000 is because we know that 1 out of 3 signatures is going to come back invalid because either the signer isn't registered to vote, puts down the wrong address, or their handwriting is so bad it can't be read. So that is why we bump the total number of signatures collected up. 

July 2023

Phase 4 - Signature Submission

Once we have collected enough signatures we will submit them to the state for a validity check. First they will do a statistical random sampling to see if we have enough valid signatures. If we fail that test then they will do a full validity check of every single signature and that takes time. There are strict deadlines that need to be met so even if we have valid enough signatures but submit too late for the full validity check we will miss our window to be put on the ballot and our signatures will not count towards a future initiative. 

January 2024

Phase 5 - GOTV

Get out the vote. At this point switch from collecting signatures to strictly raising awareness that we are now on the ballot and that people should vote for us. It gets tricky here because of all the political white noise since we will be running on a parallel timeline to the Presidential election.

February 2024

Phase 6 - Vote

If you haven't voted by mail already make sure to get to a booth and vote in person. Then check your local county team channel on Slack to see what election night parties are going off in your area.

November 5, 2024

Phase 7 - Initiative Goes Into Effect

If all goes well and we win the vote starting January 1st, 2025 our initiative will become active. 

January 1, 2025