1,000+ Volunteers and Counting...


Step 1 – Volunteer for Decriminalize California

Decriminalize California’s priority is collecting the 623,212 signatures which are required to qualify the California Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative for the November 2020 ballot. Therefore, your priorities as a volunteer should be 1) to personally sign the petition (if/once registered to vote in California), and 2) to circulate the petition amongst your friends, family, and co-workers, and, if possible, get them to sign up as a volunteer too.

With over 1,000 volunteers across all 58 counties, Decriminalize California is perhaps the single most championed citizens’ initiative campaign in California history. Despite such a large number of volunteers, Decriminalize California’s open-source, collaborative, and decentralized structure means that every single volunteer has the opportunity to make a real difference.

You don’t have to be located in California to sign up as a volunteer – Decriminalize California has volunteers working remotely across the world.

Step 2 – Download Slack, Google Drive, & Zoom

How do volunteers communicate?

The vast majority of Decriminalize California’s communications are conducted in Slack, a team messaging and collaboration platform. Within 24 hours after signing up as a volunteer, you’ll receive an invitation to join the official Slack workspace. Signing up as a volunteer is the only way to be granted access to the workspace.

The Slack workspace is divided into channels based on location or subject matter. There’s a channel for every County in California, and there’s channels for ‘events’, ‘outreach’, ‘social media’, ‘mushroom cultivation’, etc. There’s also a ‘general’ channel in which you’ll find the most important information.

Once you’ve joined the Slack workspace, introduce yourself in the ‘Introduce Yourself’, channel so other volunteers can get to know you; you could include information about your background, why you chose to get involved, and what skills you can offer.

Specific teams of volunteers hold meetings via Zoom, a video conferencing platform, to connect and discuss ideas in more detail. Invitations to Zoom meetings are typically posted within the relevant Slack channel several days prior to the meeting.

You’ll also receive occasional calls-to-action via SMS from 484848.

Decriminalize California uses online collaborative tools to complete its work. These include Google Drive and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The initiative language itself was drafted using Google Docs.

Step 3 – Join Your Local Team

Although more than a third of the volunteers are based in Los Angeles County, Decriminalize California has teams in every county in California. The campaign is actively seeking to fill County Organizer positions in many of California’s rural and less-populated counties. 

If you don’t see an organizer listed in your county and you are interested in stepping up then please send an email to info@decrimca.org and include a 150 word bio, a LinkedIn profile and or a resume and we will review it to set up a time to talk over Zoom.

58 County Team Slack Channels + County Organizers

California Farmers Market Map

Farmers Markets are fantastic for getting signatures at. We currently have Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Sacramento plotted out. We are working un updating the rest of the state as well.