Decriminalize California’s top priority is collecting 623,212 valid signatures that are required to qualify the California Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative for the November 2022 ballot. 

With over 2,500+ volunteers across all 58 counties, Decriminalize California is positioned to change California history with solid drug reform language. 

Our volunteers are some of the smartest, most creative, wild people you will ever meet in your life and you might just stay friends with them for the rest of your life.

With such a large number of active volunteers, a philosophy of open-source debate, built within a vast community of like-minded individuals to end the drug war means that every single volunteer has the opportunity to make a real difference.

You don’t even have to be located in California to join this campaign as we have tons of volunteers working remotely across the world to help make this a reality.

The time commitments grow as the campaign progresses and the only reward you will get for doing a good job is more tasks. 

But remember, in order to learn how to do great things you must actually do great things.

See you in the trenches.

-Ryan Munevar – Campaign Director


One of the fundamental tasks of all campaigns is building lists. Think of all the friends you have that would be good for the campaign and start to organize them by the following 4 types. 

Down for the cause and like to work local farmers markets and other events. They need to be outgoing, positive, and knowledgeable about the language of the initiative in order to answer questions in the field.

Must have reliable transportation and enjoy driving around to pick up and drop off community packets of stickers, buttons, and t-shirts at brick and mortar locations such as cafes, yoga studios, health food stores, dispensaries, bookstores, whatever is clever. These spots eventually upgrade to signing locations for the petition when we hit Phase 3 starting in early September of 2021.

Teach classes on mushroom cultivation, work on the PsychedelicWiki, and learn as much as possible in the process. 

Always on their phones pushing social media. They are focused on making their own topical and relevant content to help promote the campaign.

These are the brains of our operation. They can be county organizers, directors for specific teams, even partners on event projects or fundraising drives. It’s the rarest of all the volunteer types.

So, what kind of volunteer are you?


Step 1 - Sign Up at DecrimUSA.org

Over the past 6 months, we built out a private campaign management system to help organize all the volunteers with an activity feed similar to Facebook, a section for groups to organize the counties and teams even a Psychedelic Wiki. It’s still in the Beta testing phase and when we are done with this we will roll out the Web App. Sign up now to help us finish building it out.

Step 2 - Schedule 15 Minute Zoom Interview

After signing up you will get an email from info@decrimusa.org with an invite to Calendly to pick a 15-minute time block for your zoom interview. Make sure to download zoom and test it out before the interview.

NOTE: These interviews are automatically recorded so if that’s a problem let us know if want us to turn it off before the meeting.

Be prepared to answer the following volunteer interview questions:

How did you hear about us?

What county and city are you in?

Where are you registered to vote?

What kind of volunteer type(s) are you?

What teams are you most interested in joining?

What’s your favorite psychedelic?

Step 3 - Build Out Your Profile & Join Your Teams

After passing your interview your account will be activated. Then you can build out your Volunteer profile by adding a picture, background, and any other information you want. But most importantly join your local county team and any online teams you want to be a part of. We have organized them by location and then online only teams.

Although more than a third of the volunteers are based in Los Angeles County, Decriminalize California has teams in every county in California. The campaign is actively seeking to fill County Organizer positions in many of California’s rural and less-populated counties.

California's 58 County Teams

Online Teams Only:

Logistics Teams

Damage Control – If and when something goes crazy with the campaign we need to deal with it immediately so put it in here.

Volunteer Team – If you would like to help guide new volunteers through the orientation process or handle volunteer interviews join this group.

Events Team – Create and run our own events, or partner and table at friends events. All events are online using Zoom right now but when we get back into the swing of things we will have small private events, medium sized volunteer events, and large public tabling events.

Fundraising Team – Campaigns aren’t cheap and when it comes to drug reform they are off the charts. Fortunately there are very rich donors out there.

Merchandise Team – We actually make our own in house t-shirts and buttons for the campaign. Stickers we buy but we get them at a great price. If you like arts, crafts and maybe a little fashion design this if for you.

Research Team – If you have a scientific background then help us by adding research papers and writing takeaways about them.

Education Team – Focuses on building out the psychedelic wiki, creating info packets, and teaching classes.

Botany Team – From Ayahuasca to Cannabis. Learn to cultivate, manufacture, and properly distribute.

Mycology Team – If you actually know how to grow gourmet, medicinal, or psychedelic mushrooms and want to help teach the classes or develop tutorials then this is for you.

Synthetic Analogues Team – LSD, MDMA, Ketamine…

Zoology Preservation Team – The Toad

Initiative Language Team This is for lawyers, political wonks, and people read and write initiatives.

California Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative 2022 This is the most important document we work on for the campaign.

The Board – PRIVATE for Board Members, County Organizers, City Organizers, and Legal Advisors.

Communication Teams

Media Team – Handles the Press Releases, Letters to the Editor, and Reporters.

Social Media Team – Create and post original content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Website Team – This team focuses on updating DecrimCA.org and developing DecrimUSA.org as well as the mobile campaign management app. 

Newsletter Team – Draft and critique the newsletter. Must be familiar with MailChimp.

Graphic Design Team 
– Logo Design, Stickers, Posters, Buttons, and T-Shirt Design. Must be proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Documentary Team 
– If you are a shooter with gear, edit with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, and a good ear for audio then sign up.  

Decriminalize Podcast – This is for the weekly campaign updates and interviews with friends and volunteers from the campaign.

Outreach Teams

Outreach Team – This is the governing group that oversees all the other outreach teams. Sets goals and gets updates. Makes the final decision of who we accept as Sponsors, Partners, and Allies. Is responsible for updating those three website pages as well sending out the packets.

Community Alert – If there is a raid by the DEA on psychedelics, a bad actor, or a threat to the community we will put it in here. 

Sponsors  If you have a for-profit business and would like to sponsor us or if you are someone that would like to help coordinate the sponsors at our events.

Partners – If you are part of a non-profit such as a Psychedelic Club, Integration Circle, Educational Service and don’t have a physical location but would like to cross-promote then this is for you. Also if you would like a sub-group to organize your own community members in to let us know who the lead administrator should be.

THE Home – Is a partner sub-group that focuses on creating  accessible, safe, and welcoming healing spaces around the world.

Psychedelic Clubs – Is a partner organization based in Denver, instrumental in Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms for I-301 back in 2019. Now setting up multiple clubs around the country.

Psychedelic Club of San Mateo – A partner organization and a sub-group of the Psychedelic Clubs. 

PsychedeLia Integration – A partner organization based in Los Angeles led by our very own Communication Director Paul Antico. 

Paris Psychedelic Society – A partner organization based in Paris France… Knowing French helps if you want to be a part of this one.

Allies – Brick and mortar businesses that would like to help the cause by passing out stickers, buttons, and eventually become signature collection spots when we enter Phase 2 of the campaign.

LGTBQ+ – This community has been instrumental in drug reform going back to cannabis in SF with Brownie Marry and they continue to voice support and actively contribute to the movement.  

POC – No single group of people has been more affected by the drug war than POC. Help us change that by reaching out to these communities. 

– With skyrocketing suicide rates among veterans dealing with PTSD psychedelic treatment is a gamechanger.

Guides & Counselors – If you are a guide and or run an integration circle this group is for you.

College Outreach Team – This team is the parent team for all the college teams and helps to contact friends at other schools to set up teams.

CSUMB – California State University Monterey Bay – Student Population 7,540

Monterey Peninsula College Team – Student Population 12,170

SDSU – San Diego State University – Student Population 33,778 

Step 4 - Register for Next Meeting

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Step 5 - Sign Up for the Newsletter

Step 6 - Add Our Social Media Accounts

You can find us @decrimca and use our #decrimca to tag us in topical and relevant posts to help promote the campaign. Also if you want to list in your profile that you are a volunteer for a specific county or team go for it.


Get as many of your friends, family, and coworkers involved as you can. 

We need every type of volunteer from Grunts, Runners, Influencers, and Organizers.

If you know of anyone that would like to Sponsor with cash, Partner with us on Events, or become an Allie by signing up as a brick and mortar location just bring them in. 

During this time we will build out the campaign management system(decrimusa.org), and once stable we will transfer it to a dedicated server, and then finally port it over to the web app. Should be done around mid to late March 2021. Then when we hit Phase 2 we will be able to organize much more effectively in the field.


Timeline: Our signature collection window could start as early as July or as late as November 2021. This depends entirely on the plague, herd immunity, and distribution of vaccine distribution.

Start by getting signatures, then return them to the campaign HQ to be validated.

The best place to start getting signatures is with your friends by hosting a private event. 

Then by tabling events such as Farmers Market, Yoga Festivals, Music Festivals, etc…

We have already started putting a few maps together to make it easier to coordinate in the field.

California Farmers Market Map


IF we get enough signatures in phase 2 to qualify for the ballot we will push even harder on promoting it through all our various channels of influence. Tell everyone you know to go vote for this. Lot’s of print merchandise will also be going out with potential for mailers as well.


One week after the election we have a decompression party, burn all the documents, and close up the office.